* Molly Ball asks the question that must not be asked: What if the claim that Republicans will face a massive backlash if they go anywhere near immigration reform isn’t supported by the actual evidence?

* Adam Serwer has a rundown on all the various legislative solutions lawmakers are pushing to reform NSA overreach and secrecy, and why there is cautious optimism something may happen this time.

* Nice headline from Jonathan Cohn, and the piece itself is also really good: “Conservatives brace for the possibility that Obamacare won’t totally suck.”

* Ed Kilgore on why Steve “DREAMers are dope dealers” King isn’t actually much of a GOP outlier on immigration, and why that makes the rebranding that much harder.

* Good points from James Downie on how King’s outburst is contradicted by actual data on crime and immigration, and on what it says about today’s GOP that King has yet to face serious condemnation.

* The pro-immigration America’s Voice has a rundown of the best Twitter responses to King.

* Harry Reid is set to file cloture on Obama’s nomination to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, setting up test of whether the deal on nominations is holding or whether it’s back to GOP obstruction as usual.

* Nice catch by David Firestone on John Boehner’s willful refusal to even hear Ben Bernanke’s claim that austerity is a threat to the recovery, and on why Obama’s vision — not the GOP one — in in line with what mainstream economists believe.

* It will be interesting to see how GOP leaders deal with the growing number of GOP lawmakers who really appear to believe they are going to stage a government shutdown fight around the defunding of Obamacare.

* Ari Berman keeps up his reporting on the ongoing crackdown on voting in North Carolina.

* Good Charlie Cook piece on the good and bad that Dem numbers crunchers are seeing in the possible 2014 midterm electorate, with a potential surprise: is the shift among seniors away from Dems abating?

* And millions of Americans sob hot tears as a new poll suggests Liz Cheney’s Senatorial aspirations may be dead on arrival.

What else?

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