We have an FBI director! The Senate didn’t bother with a cloture vote, and then went ahead and confirmed James Comey by a vote of 93 to 1 (with two senators voting “present”). Next up in the queue: the NLRB nominations.

1. Sabotage governing update: Zoe Carpenter on all the ways that Republicans have attempted and are attempting to undermine Obamacare implementation.

2. Great analysis of the Filner scandal from Scott Lemieux.

3. Byron York thinks through the current divisions within the Republican Party. For what it’s worth . . . I think the only real division here is the national security-civil liberties one, and I’m not convinced yet that it will matter much going forward. But worth reading, anyway.

4. Good point from Ezra Klein: A fair part of that “four hours a day” that Members of Congress supposedly spend on fundraising is almost certainly hype. But he’s right that whatever the true number is, it’s still too much. Not because of the money, but because they should be spending that time representing their districts.

5. Is immigration really like the Compromise of 1850? No, says Matt Yglesias, not even close.

6. Today was Beat Up on Howard Dean Day — always, in my view, appropriate. Here’s Jonathan Cohn arguing that Dean’s opposition to the IPAB doesn’t sit well with Dean’s strong support of a public option.

7. Andrew Sprung looks at Dean’s recent history on the issue, and questions where his loyalties lie.

8. “Fear of a female Fed chief.” Jonathan Chait is brutal on the blurry line between sexism and really bad economic analysis.

9. Matthew O’Brien, meanwhile, strongly supports Janet Yellen for Fed chair.

10. How dare Barack Obama say that the phony scandals are phony scandals! Steve Benen takes stock.

11. Abby Rapoport reports on Moral Mondays in North Carolina and the prospects for liberals there.

12. And who says the House isn’t getting important work done? For example, as Zach Carter notes, they’re spending some of their energy defunding a group that hasn’t existed in years. Important!