* Jonathan Cohn on what will happen to those who are dissuaded by the conservative anti-Obamacare from signing up for the exchanges, and then have the misfortune to get sick or injured.

* I linked this in passing earlier today, but you really should read this in full if you haven’t: Alex Roarty on why the GOP’s failure to embrace immigration reform could imperil its ability to win over white voters repelled by intolerance.

* Via Taegan Goddard, the quote of the day, from Chuck Schumer, on Steve “DREAMers are dope smugglers” King:

“Steve King, the more he speaks, the more he helps us get a bill passed.”

As Dem Rep. Xavier Becerra put it recently, King’s rhetoric is forcing GOPers to make a choice as to which GOP they belong to.

* Roll Call finds one House Republican on recess who dared to come out for immigration reform.

* Bonus quote of the day, from John McCain, on fellow Senator Joe Manchin’s continuing crusade for expanded checks:

“Sen. Manchin is not giving up. He’s become a real pain in the ass…I say that with great respect.”

This is a signal to gun reform advocates to keep on organizing. As they should.

* Juliet Lapidos reminds Eric Cantor, yet again, that the deficit is shrinking, and not growing. Let’s give this an A for effort: I suppose one has no choice but to act as if Cantor simply made a mistake.

* An awfully good question from Steve Benen, who also notes that this sort of double-think is prevalent on multiple other fronts, too: Can a president be a radical socialist and a Wall Street shill at the same time?

* Greg Dworkin has a useful roundup of opinion about the shortcomings of “libertarian populism,” the latest of the GOP ideological repositioning projects, and adds some good thoughts of his own.

* Nice catch by Ed Kilgore: Mitch McConnell is going after his Tea Party opponent as a CINO (a Conservative In Name Only) and a crook, and doesn’t appear to be taking issue with his extreme right wing views.

* Female economists overwhelmingly want Janet Yellen as next Fed chair. At this point, it’s very hard to see how Larry Summers doesn’t get named without a major fight from Dems.

* And you may have heard that the Washington Post has been sold to Jeff Bezos. Some interesting items on what it means and what’s next from Jim Tankersley, Neil Irwin, Andrea Peterson, and James Fallows.

As for how it will impact those of you who hang out in this little corner of it, our plan is to keep on blogging and leave the gossip to others.