1 . Both Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are “moderate-to-strong favorites” to defeat their conservative primary challenges, Harry Enten says. That doesn’t seem all that strong a position to me! Either way, McConnell is certainly going to have to pay attention to his challenger, which may have consequences for how the Senate runs.

2. Yes, it’s totally irresponsible for conservative leaders to encourage “young healthies” to go without health insurance. Harold Pollack explains.

3. While Ed Kilgore chides people who do a poor job of covering premium rates on the exchanges.

4. Meanwhile, have you heard the one about how microchip implants are coming thanks to the Affordable Care Act? Erika Eichelberger has the seven craziest Obamacare conspiracy theories.

5. C’mon: Of course the ACA fix for Congressional staffers is legal. Nicholas Bagley knocks down another one.

6. But just because there are a lot of myths out there doesn’t mean that there are no real problems in Obamacare implementation. Sarah Kliff looks at a big one: getting the “hub” ready. It’s behind schedule.

7. Oh, and Andrew Sullivan points out that there’s nothing “conservative” about asking young healthies to go without health insurance. Via DeLong.

8. Nice one from Alex Massie on “average Joes” and the presidency.

9. Remember “uncertainty”? That — and not austerity — was supposed to be why the economy wasn’t booming. Well, as Paul Krugman points out, the evidence is in, and yup: It’s austerity in the form of shrinking deficits, not (vanished) uncertainty, that’s the problem.

10. Good Jonathan Chait item on the missing debate among Republicans going into the budget showdown.

11. Sequestration effects alert: Dan Drezner on “How to undermine American power for less than $10 million.”

12. Related: I have one over at PostPartisan about the strange place of House conservatives on the budget.

13. And also over there: Jonathan Capehart makes the excellent point that when it comes to 2014 turnout, “African Americans have the power literally in their hands to keep the momentum going.”