1. Spanish-language press read of immigration bill’s (likely?) failure update: Fernando Espuelas blasts Speaker John Boehner for not bringing a comprehensive bill to the House floor. This really is important stuff; if the bill does die, the reaction of the neutral Spanish-language media will go a long way towards determining whether a (very large!) generation of Hispanic voters gets locked into the Democrat Party, and this is more evidence that Boehner is emerging as the scapegoat.

2. Ed Kilgore:

Maybe Rubio should threaten to force a government shutdown unless Obama accepts a legislative solution to the immigration problem. That’s the kind of language Marco’s critics understand.

3. Steve Benen on (possibly) disappearing town halls: “we’re looking at a dynamic in which Republicans (a) will be pressed to say something stupid; or (b) will go ahead and say something stupid.”

4. On North Carolina’s new election law. First, Jamelle Bouie on the Republican hostility to democracy.

5. Election law expert Rick Hasen is, if anything, even more brutal towards North Carolina Republicans — and Hasen is pessimistic that legal action can succeed in taking down the law.

6. But Nate Cohn argues that, in practical terms, it’s unlikely to swing elections.

7. And Governor Pat McCrory doesn’t seem to have much idea of what was in the bill that he signed, Chris Fitzsimon reports.

8. Good reality check on what would really constitute a threat that the Affordable Care Act is in trouble, from Brian Beutler. Short answer: We’re not there yet. And probably won’t be.

9. While Jonathan Cohn explains what the latest delay is all about, why it’s bad news, but also why it’s not a sign of a “train wreck.”

10. See also a very good explainer from CBPP’s Sarah Lueck about exactly what is being delayed and how it will affect actual policyholders.

11. I have a post up about where the budget confrontation stands — and why defeating Operation Obamacare Shutdown, if Republican leaders have done that, doesn’t come close to ensuring that they can get through the government funding bill without a disaster.

12. Robert Schlesinger argues why a shutdown over Obamacare might be particularly damaging for the GOP.

13. And a really good Paul Waldman item on the 1990s when mindless “tough on crime” was all the rage.