Obamacare fliers (Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)

1. Adrianna McIntyre: “Most young adults on the individual market today will qualify for subsidies in 2014.” Every time you see a story about premium “rate shock,” make sure you note whether it accounts for subsidies or not.

2. More about the subsidies from Jonathan Cohn, who talks about a new study on exactly who will get help with health insurance, and how. This is important, folks. It’s not a side issue; it’s how “Obamacare” actually works.

3. For the wonks: The study Cohn talks about, by Larry Levitt, Gary Claxton and Anthony Damico.

4. Doug Massey explains why border security creates more problems than it solves. If immigration policy depended on facts, this would be a very big deal indeed.

5. While Ed Kilgore analyzes the state of play on what’s actually up with comprehensive immigration reform.

6. Republican voter fraud paranoia keeps getting more and more removed from reality; Dave Weigel is on it.

7. Yup: Republicans just can’t help themselves from saying nutty things about climate change, no matter how much their messaging maestros want them to keep away from it. Brian Beutler has the details. I mean, we’re talking about a set of politicians who find it hard to avoid saying offensive things about rape, after all, so what do you expect?

8. If it’s August, Republicans with very short memories must be bashing Barack Obama for taking vacations — perhaps they’re using Matt Ortega’s helpful chart.

9. Great item from Scott Lemieux blasting the White House for attempting to shush Democrats who are speaking up about the next Fed Chair.

10. Perhaps some of that energy from the administration could be better spent on filling executive branch vacancies — Edward-Isaac Dovere and Jennifer Epstein report on all the spots that still haven’t been filled. A huge issue.

11. Rich people endangering their children and their communities? By not vaccinating. A depressing trend. Alex Seitz-Wald reports.

12. How the Democrats got themselves into this mess in San Diego; important report from Garance Franke-Ruta.

13. Unrepentant inflation alarmists are really starting to get to Paul Krugman, aren’t they?

14. A bit of equality comes to the military; Spencer Ackerman reports.

15. And good to have Josh Marshall telling liberals: yes, Ted Cruz is eligible for the presidency.