* Another GOP Congressman, Daniel Webster, takes heat from constituents who want to know what will happen to people’s health care when Obamacare gets repealed.

As other similar incidents have shown, taking away the law’s benefits might be unexpectedly difficult to explain to real people outside the conservative entertainment complex.

* A long (but worth your time) take from Dave Roberts on why acceptance of climate science may be simply incompatible with today’s conservative worldview, and why that may not bode well for, well, the fate of the Earth.

* David Firestone on the latest revelations about NSA surveillance overreach: Even if human error led to this breaking of privacy rules, as we’re being told, doesn’t that suggest this massive surveillance apparatus is out of control?

* The Post has a good overview of the highly critical reaction to the new revelations among Dems and civil libertarians, but the question remains whether there is any real appetite in Congress for meaningful reform.

* The FISA court says it does not have the tools to verify whether government surveillance is following its rulings. You’d think at a minimum that serious oversight reform, which Obama and leading members of Congress have endorsed, can’t be too far off at this point…

* A funny (or depressing, take your pick) Jonathan Bernstein post laying bare the absurdity of one of the worst anti-Obamacare arguments you’ll ever hear.

* Steve Benen has a good question for conservatives spreading deliberate confusion about Obamacare for the sake of dissuading folks from enjoying its benefits.

* One can only hope that Kevin Drum is on to something here:

On the bright side, here’s a novel idea: when the big educational push does come along, it will be all about the “Affordable Care Act,” not Obamacare. But the right has spent so much time demonizing “Obamacare” that the public might not even realize that ACA is the same thing. Seriously. I could easily imagine everyone going out and signing up for ACA at the same time that they’re listening to Fox and frothing at the mouth about how “Obamacare” is socialist fascism.

Bernstein has made a longer version of this argument.

* Senator Orrin Hatch and high-tech entrepreneurs from his home state of Utah issue an interesting call for for immigration reform for the sake of the local economy. Dems are hoping these sorts of local business leaders will be able to prevail on the House GOPers representing their districts to get them to support comprehensive reform.

* Gabriel Arana frames the choice Republicans face on immigration:

Unless Republicans want to maintain the status quo in which the undocumented remain off the rolls, however, the only alternative is some form of legalization. Here, conservatives have a choice: Either create a new, special category of legal permanent resident who will never have the chance to become citizens — in effect, creating a permanent underclass — or legalize and eventually merge the undocumented into existing channels of immigration.

The preferred option for some Republicans — create a path to citizenship only for the DREAMers — wouldn’t even begin to grapple with this question for the rest of the 11 million.

* And that RNC boycott of CNN and NBC will apparently extend to the two networks’ Spanish language channels, Telemundo and CNN Espanol. That should help with the party’s Latino outreach. Seriously!

What else?