1. More bad news for Republicans about the Spanish-language news media and immigration. Michael Calderone reports. I know Greg has been on this; I agree with him that this is important for the key question about whether there’s a real chance that a generation or more of the Latino vote could get locked in for the Democrats if Republicans misplay immigration.

2. Bloomberg View editorializes in favor of the Senate bill — or at least some sort of comprehensive bill.

3. All about Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act, from Abby Rapoport.

4. Rick Hasen looks at the new North Carolina voting law and argues that it shows why the Voting Rights Act is still so important — and necessary.

5. Sarah Kliff is back from a cruise … and if she doesn’t know what’s going to happen after the exchanges open, who does?

6. Meanwhile, Jonathan Cohn on what happens when a GOP operative runs into the realities of his own health care situation.

7. The case for how the Democrats could win the House in 2014, from Ruy Teixeira. Color me extremely skeptical. Gains for the president’s party are possible in the midterms, but so far there’s no sign of it coming.

8. Yes, Ted Cruz is both an American citizen and, for constitutional purposes, a “natural born” citizen. He’s eligible for the presidency. He also happens to be also a Canadian citizen — and if he wants to do something about that, Garance Franke-Ruta reports, he had better get to it soon.

9. A dissenting vote from Matt Yglesias on the Chamber and the GOP.

10. A bit more on how those extra Pentagon sequestration cuts for next year came about, from Kevin Drum.

11. Alec MacGillis looks at the damage right now from sequestration.

12. What’s polling for? Inspired by the recent study that claimed to show (but didn’t really) that tweets predict election results, I looked at the real reasons polling and survey research are valuable.

13. And Steve Kornacki on Jack Germond.