* Paul Krugman on how unsuspecting Obamacare-haters can be hoodwinked into embracing subsidized, guaranteed health coverage without realizing they’re actually being turned into Obamacare slaves. Mwahahahahahahaha!

* Buzzfeed reports that the New York Times is collaborating with the Guardian on reporting on NSA surveillance overreach, which means still more intense attention on this story going forward. Should get very interesting.

* Nicely done: Andrew Rosenthal dissects Private Manning’s letter to Obama, and finds in it grounds for a reduced sentence.

* Sarah Kliff:

When Americans actually interact with Obamacare, it won’t be called Obamacare at all. In Kentucky, for example, it will be Kynect, the state health marketplace. In Idaho, local residents will purchase coverage from Your Health Idaho. Covered Oregon will serve (surprise!) Oregonians, while neighboring Washingtonians will purchase coverage from WAHealthPlanFinder. If you watch the ads that states have produced to support their marketplaces, they rarely mention the federal law that has set these changes in action.

And remember, the insurance industry is set to spend up to $1 billion on ads enticing people to shop on these exchanges, and those ads won’t use the word “Obamacare,” either.

* Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a key member of the House GOP leadership, admits getting the full Affordable Care Act defunded is probably unrealistic, but still says a delay may be possible — the latest sign Republicans are still trying to soft-pedal the inevitable.

* Relatedly, with Republicans trying to repeal Obamacare, which would take health coverage away from millions, here’s a great question from Jonathan Bernstein:

When will Republicans begin complaining about Democratic “Obamascare” ads that “falsely” accuse Republicans of wanting to take away people’s health insurance? Just as Democrats have been “falsely” accusing Republicans for years of trying to eliminate, privatize, cut or otherwise destroy Medicare.

And you can bet that will happen. My money is on 2014.

* Jonathan Cohn continues to do great work demystifying the nonstop “Obama-scare” stories, this time bringing some much needed context to the latest GOP Obamacare-fiasco tale of the moment, the news of UPS cutting off spousal benefits.

* Good point by Steve Benen: House Republicans are holding all those repeal votes in order to be able to attack Dems for voting to keep the IRS in charge of your health care. No, really.

Oy. I’d only add that this kind of anti-Obamacare craziness as official GOP messaging is the same stuff that’s giving more impetus to the defund-Obamacare push the party so desperately is trying to squelch.

* As Atrios says, immigration is complex, but the question of whether you’re willing to admit busting up families is a bad idea provides a good test of whether you’re really trying to solve the problem, or whether you’re just being a jerk.

* Adam Serwer on the right’s efforts to turn the killing of Christopher Lane into “Trayvon Martin in reverse.” Read to the last paragraph.

* Relatedly, Josh Marshall on the “right wing racial resentment-o-sphere.”

* Brian Beutler on the right’s obsession with black crime:

What might well have stopped both killings, though, is making it harder for people, legally or illegally, to come into possession of handguns. That’s a conversation the right is less obsessed with.

* And GOP Rep. Dave Joyce, a top target for Dems, opines jobs are going unfilled partly because businesses can’t find “people to come to work sober, daily, drug free.” Deep. My bet is a bigger cause of unemployment is probably inadequate demand , but this isn’t an economics blog.

What else?