1. Must read: Jonathan Cohn on Rand Paul, health care, and charity.

2. While Matt Lewis writes about “the GOP’s Obamacare paradox.

3. Suzy Khimm listens to John Boehner on the debt limit and hears mostly “bluster.”

4. Kevin Drum is more pessimistic about the chances for a real debt-limit breach.

5. And Stan Collender thinks it’s not going to be resolved any time soon.

6. Political scientist Robert Farley has some good bullet points on Syria.

7. While political scientist Erica Chenoweth collects some relevant findings: about the effects of interventions on civilian casualties and about the effects of interventions on human rights. With more to come at the Monkey Cage. Recommended for those who want informed views of the Syria conflict; not so much for those who want partisan or ideological talking points.

8. Wage Stagnation and Market Outcomes, from Jared Bernstein. Important.

9. As is David Leonhardt on jobs, and the dispiriting labor market. With (depressing) charts.

10. Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire? I’ve argued that she should — and I agree with Paul Horwitz on the oddity of the argument that she’s “earned the right” to stay on (and of course, she has that right; that’s not really the question, is it?). Via WonkWire.

11. Josh Putnam on Iowa and the Republicans.

12. Nice: Haters gonna hate; now with science. Sarah Kliff has the evidence.

13. You certainly want to read Jamelle Bouie on Republicans and black voters.

14. Oh, my. Erik Wemple manages to take something that was hooted at all afternoon on twitter and manages to show, in a brilliant paragraph (down at the end of the item) what someone can really do with more than 140 characters. Catch of the day. Wonderful.

15. And, yeah, I know you all want to know all the dirt in the new tell-all about Michele Bachmann, so who am I to deny you? Alex Seitz-Wald and Alex Halperin have it.