1. Aaron Blake and The Fix team: Where members of Congress stand on Syria. You’re going to want to keep watching that page.

2. Some Labor Day links: To begin with, Paul Krugman on how things have changed since the 1890s.

3. Jonathan Cohn with an overview of labor today.

4. And Cohn sends us to a great reported piece on an interesting story of labor success, in Los Angeles, from Harold Meyerson.

5. Over at Wonkblog, Sarah Kliff brings us Labor Day in (eight) charts.

6. Norm Ornstein looks at the prospects for a Syria resolution in Congress — and how it will interact with the rest of the congressional agenda, and Republican dysfunction.

7. See also Steve Benen on what will happen in Congress on Syria.

8. The case for why Barack Obama was right to go to Congress, from E.J. Dionne.

9. And Fred Kaplan, too, argues that Obama’s choice was the right one — for the effectiveness of military action, should it happen.

10. While Ed Kilgore is much more sensible about Congress and the presidency and national security than the senior senator from Arizona is.

11. Why the Ted Cruz Republican Party is such a problem, from Brian Beutler (Hint: Any time you see political scientist David Karol quoted, you’ll want to pay attention).

12. And Garance Franke-Ruta has the history of all the previous declarations of war and authorizations to use military force.