1. Here’s some pretty important Affordable Care Act news: Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, is going to announce next week that he’s supporting ACA Medicaid expansion after all.

2. Josh Barro: “Corbett, who faces his own uphill battle for re-election, seems to understand that he can’t afford to take the blame for needless hospital closures next year.”

3. Or as Sahil Kapur put it, “Shockingly, it’s bad politics to reject billions of federal dollars to cover your uninsured out of spite.” Which is why many of us have been saying that over the long term, even the most conservative of Republican states will eventually give up and go with the Medicaid expansion.

4. Yet more ACA news: A new study finds that Obamacare will cause few employers who currently offer health care to stop doing so. The trend is down and will continue in that direction, but the ACA won’t make much difference — although it will help those, of course, who do get dumped by making the individual market a lot healthier, assuming everything works. Adrianna McIntyre has the details.

5. As long as we’re on the general subject: Kevin Drum has a good one on Medicare myths.

6. Dylan Matthews points out an important point on Barack Obama and Syria: Flexibility squares with both the academic literature and, if you think about it, common sense. Highly recommended post.

7. Negative media coverage once produced bad presidential approval ratings — but that’s no longer true. Andrew Rudalevige collects the evidence.

8. Jared Bernstein argues against negotiating on the debt limit.

9. Senators Tom Coburn and Jeff Flake — who are very conservative on budget matters, but in a reality-based way — are complaining that the spending levels in the House CR are too high. Interesting. Niels Lesniewski reports, with Democratic reactions.

10. Interesting Peter Beinart piece on Bill de Blasio and the next generation of Democratic politicians.

11. While Allison Kilkenny tracks what happened to some of the people from Occupy — now activists, working on the same issues but perhaps in a more productive way (although that suggests that perhaps Occupy was productive after all).

12. Those interested in polling on budget matters should definitely check out an excellent item, including a summary of their new research, by Alexandra Filindra and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz. You know the punch line: People want more of everything that government does … and lower taxes. But lots of good information here.

13. Abby Rapoport on those anti-gun control recall elections in Colorado.

14. Also: Seth Masket brings the political science on the Colorado recalls.

15. And why not: My annual rant against the Kennedy Center Honors for ignoring the great Little Richard.