* Jonathan Chait marvels at the latest example of the utter refusal of conservatives to even acknowledge, let alone try to grapple with, the emerging good news about Obamacare.

* Igor Volsky previews the next attack on the law: Republicans will seize on the slow pace of early sign-ups and technical glitches to paint implementation as a failure. It’s probably too optimistic to hope news orgs will keep in mind getting major reforms running takes time.

* Robert Costa reports that Republicans are now mulling a “CR” funding the government for one week, to buy more time for….well, it’s unclear why that would change the basic dynamic, i.e., that GOP leaders need to choose between stiff-arming the Tea Party and getting blamed for a government shutdown.

* Relatedly, the lede of the day, courtesy of Roll Call:

House Republican leaders are now in full flinging-spaghetti-at-the-wall mode as they float ideas for a spending bill that could win over enough of their rank and file to prevent a government shutdown.

Hmm. Instead of throwing pasta around, how about dropping the policy-by-extortion, admitting the leverage isn’t there to defund Obamacare, and passing something funding the government with a lot of Dems?

* As Steve Benen notes, it’s peculiar that it has fallen to John McCain to remind his fellow Republicans that there was an election last November and that it should have consequences, but so it goes with today’s GOP.

* Jennifer Rubin explains why the only “cause” Ted Cruz has succeeded in advancing is his own. Note the anger among Republicans who are now getting attacked as insufficiently anti-Obamacare based on Cruz’s fraudulent standard.

* Dave Weigel has a nice takedown of all the bogus conservative whining about allegedly unfair media treatment of Ted Cruz.

* Also see Weigel’s rundown of all the GOP primary challengers who are falling all over each other to endorse Cruz’s crusade, another sign of the rightward drift of the GOP primary electorate.

* Nancy Pelosi says Obama is wrong to rule out that 14th amendment option should GOP debt ceiling brinksmanship gets insane, which is sure to happen.

* Howard Fineman has a fun look, with lots of video, at the evolution of the GOP into a party that’s being held hostage by anti-Obamacare dead-enders.

* Nevada journalist Jon Ralston has a doozy here: A Republican official exulting that 2014 will be great for the GOP because so few minorities and young people will turn out.

* And make sure to check out The Monkey Cage blog. I’m a big believer in bringing political science to bear on the political/media discourse, so this is a great acquisition for us here at the Post.

What else?