1. “The Republican Hardliners Aren’t Conservatives, They’re Radicals.” Absolutely crucial point by Norm Ornstein. The problem isn’t that Ted Cruz or Michele Bachmann are somehow “too” conservative; the problem is that they’re radicals who won’t accept the basic norms of the US political system — and that the actual mainstream conservative Republican politicians are too scared to call them on it.

2. Brian Beutler thinks that Republicans are finally starting to take Barack Obama’s position on the debt limit seriously.

3. “The administration is betting that at some point, the GOP will understand that its position is futile.” That’s Sam Stein on the view from the White House.

4. Ezra Klein, meanwhile tries to figure out exactly what John Boehner is saying about the debt limit. It’s not easy!

5. Inept bumbling of a historic magnitude? Paul Krugman is really not impressed with House Republicans.

6. While Ed Kilgore thinks about what it would take to make Republicans realize the situation they’re actually in.

7. Michael Linden: “Since the GOP took control of Congress, NIH funding is down 13% Pretty galling to hear GOP members use it as a political prop now.”

8. Sarah Kliff speaks with one person who successfully bought health insurance on the federal exchange.

9. Although, as Nicholas Beaudrot points out, that customer wouldn’t have been buying something he may not be able to afford if Georgia Republicans had allowed the Medicaid expansion there.

10. Paul Walden on Republican cruelty in the states.

11. Why Wendy Davis’s candidacy is a big deal — even though she probably won’t win, from political scientist Danny Hayes.

12. And an analysis of Davis and her longshot campaign, from Abby Rapoport.