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Just in: Employment Non-Discrimination Act (EDNA) moves forward. In the first test vote, it easily overcame a filibuster on a 61-30 vote, with several senators who support the bill absent. Seven Republicans voted aye. The vote was to defeat a filibuster against moving to the bill.

1. Good catch from Jennifer Bendery: “Of note: Not a single senator gave a speech in opposition to the bill.” Granted: this is just cloture on the motion to proceed to the bill; there’s still plenty of time to go. But a good point nonetheless.

2. Before the vote: Benjy Sarlin on how John Boehner’s announcement that he opposes ENDA adds another burden to Republicans trying to get a fair hearing from young people, in particular.

3. While Jennifer Rubin makes the conservative case for non-discrimination.

4. “[W]hat if this had been the process from the beginning?” Ezra Klein on a memo that outlined a different path on Affordable Care Act implementation.

5. The latest conservative Republican to be denounced as a RINO and a squish? That’s Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, last seen leading the opposition to Barack Obama’s D.C Circuit Court picks and the immigration bill, but apparently not with enough enthusiasm or something. Pema Levy on the upcoming primary battle in Texas.

6. Great Seth Masket piece on the breakaway counties that would (but won’t) form “North Colorado”: “Secession is the conservative equivalent of moving to Canada.”

7. Kevin Drum wants a little hesitation before everyone jumps on the “Obama is a bad manager” bandwagon.

8. Tomorrow is election day. The headline events all appear to be blowouts. Close elections to watch 1: Virginia attorney general. Check out the all-new and massively improved HuffPollster’s chart on this one. Couldn’t be closer.

9. Close elections to watch 2: Boston mayor. Ace Massachusetts politics reporters David S. Bernstein (yes, my brother) has the keys to victory.

10. Close elections to watch 3: The Republican primary in the Alabama 1st Congressional special. Could we get another tea partyer in the House? Tim Murphy is on it.

11. Interested in general arguments about how well the U.S. political system works? I wrote a column today about “Kludgeocracy” and why it’s not a bad thing.

12. And see also Ed Kilgore’s contribution to the “Great Kludge Debate.”

13. Related, and important, from Larry Bartels: “Our elected officials aren’t feeling very accountable.”

14. New numbers from Pew show just how unpopular spying on leaders of allies is, across a broad cross-section of Americans. Probably a bigger elite/mass opinion on this than on most issues.

15. Jonathan Chait’s critique of Barack Obama as a blogger. Harsh!

16. And Derek Thompson on “How to Write the Worst Possible Column About Millennials.”