* Senate Republicans vote almost unanimously to uphold the filibuster of one of Obama’s nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. So much for the daydream that a bloc of compromise-minded Senate Republicans is poised to lead the GOP out of its addiction to sabotage governing.

* The full transcript of Elizabeth Warren’s big speech on Wall Street accountability and the plight of the middle class is now up online. As noted earlier, it’s a touchstone in the larger debate over the emphasis on economic populism many Dem activists want the party to embrace.

* Katrina Vanden Heuvel on how the new populism inside the Democratic Party is partly rooted in the ways the “coalition of the ascendant” has been on the losing end of the Great Recession, and in the sense that the economy is rigged against them by players who hail from the party’s “Wall Street wing.”

* Must read: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is out with a new report on how the GOP “fix” to Obamacare will have “serious adverse effects” on the law. The question is how many Dems vote for this “fix” when it comes to the House floor later this week.

* The new Quinnipiac poll is brutal for Obama: His approval is down to 39-54; the public is evenly divided on whether Obama misled folks on the law; and more approve of the Congressional GOP than Obama on multiple issues.

It was always obvious both sides would take a hit from the shutdown, and Gallup finds approval of Congress down to nine percent, but these numbers — especially the ones that directly concern Obamacare — will only make Dems more skittish about the law.

* And right on cue, health reform experts tell Sahil Kapur that the “fixes” to Obamacare championed by nervous red state Dems could seriously undermine the law. However, this, from one expert, is worth keeping in mind:

“If the website is running by the end of November, people will have four months to enroll, which is more than enough time. But if we’re at March 1 and the website isn’t fixed, everyone is going to be begging for an extension.”

So, there’s still time, if the site is fixed soon. But if things stray into the new year…

* Also: Jonathan Cohn pivots off of Bill Clinton’s interview today to remind Dems who are suggesting “fixes” to the law that this isn’t really how health reform actually works.

* Another big picture reality check from Jonathan Bernstein:

The law is here, it’s being implemented, half a million people have signed up for Medicaid, young adults are on their parents’ plans, the donut hole is disappearing and other Medicare benefits have begun, lifetime and yearly caps and rescissions are gone…all of that is going to be very, very, difficult to displace…we’re never going back to the status quo ante.

No, we’re not.

* GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey airs an ad in the Georgia GOP Senate primary vowing not to run for another term if Obamacare isn’t repealed. The terrible rollout and bad polling ensure Republicans will be absolutely convinced repeal will be a winner this time, making it central to the 2014 elections.

* Elise Foley reports on new polls showing immigration reform, and a path to citizenship, has majority support in 20 GOP-held House districts. Of course, the House GOP majority is invulnerable, so Republicans don’t need to break a sweat about killing reform, right?

* And Steve Benen on Darrell Issa’s odd habit of releasing partial transcripts to make his points. Guess who reported on the latest partial transcript, this one making Issa’s desired point about Obamacare? CBS.

What else?