The Web site. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) The Web site. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. Here’s some good stuff to keep you going:

1. Ezra Klein has 11 key points about the end-of-November Obamacare “deadline.” Very helpful and thorough.

2. As Brian Beutler points out, don’t expect to learn anything definitive about what happened at that point until early January or later.

3. My argument: Getting fixed quickly matters a lot for individuals affected, but not very much for the future of the policy.

4. Andrew Sprung has been focusing on possible workarounds if the Web site is still causing problems.

5. Remember: The exchanges may be a very important part of health-care reform, but there’s plenty more, and it’s important. Paul Krugman looks at the success so far of Affordable Care Act cost controls.

6. That “train wreck” metaphor? Garance Franke-Ruta has a nice one explaining why it just doesn’t work.

7. Henry Aaron and Harold Pollack defend Obamacare against “told you so” liberals.

8. A little more evidence for the idea, as Greg has been reporting, that Congress isn’t going to blow up the Iran deal. Oliver Knox has more details.

9. As for today, “Black Friday” is a very recent marketing ploy, Andrea Peterson reminds us.

10. And Matt Yglesias on the (un)importance of today’s sales totals to the economy.