1. I’ll start with a new Family and Medical Leave bill dropped by Kirsten Gillibrand and Rosa DeLauro — and Irin Carmon’s explanation of why this go-nowhere bill matters.

2. The budget deal appears to be in pretty good shape in the Senate, according to reporting from Ed O’Keefe and Paul Kane.

3. Good point from Ed Kilgore about “entitlements,” selling out and the budget deal.

4. While Brad Plumer has the case for liberals doing okay on the deal. And National Journal’s Michael Catalini explains why the budget deal has been great for Republican senators.

5. The case for why the budget deal isn’t going to be the beginning of more bipartisanship, from Brian Beutler.

6. I agree, and remind everyone of the context — the bottom line on government funding bills.

7. “Take Two Aspirin and Blame Everything on Obamacare.” Sam Baker on the Affordable Care Act as scapegoat.

8. Paul Krugman joins the crowd trying to understand seeming GOP hypocrisy on health care.

9. Yes, health-care scholars and experts, Aaron Carroll reassures us, have a pretty good idea of who the uninsured are.

10. Telling the stories of those who are out of luck because their states didn’t expand Medicaid; Dylan Scott reports.

11. David Dayen on Sharon Bowen, a likely nominee to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the continuing fight over regulating Wall Street.

12. Very interesting post from Ezra Klein arguing for more attention to economic growth — and jobs — rather than to inequality.

13. Seth Masket is confident that Republicans will adopt rather than just succumb to demographic destruction.

14. And Alex Seitz-Wald is absolutely right: Members of Congress work hard. Really. Believe it. There are plenty of legitimate gripes about Congress, but the idea that they don’t work hard is just wrong.