(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

1. What will Barack Obama — and John Podesta — produce on climate? Brad Plumer follows up on Greg’s item yesterday with more detail about the options for executive action.

2. More good news for Affordable Care Act exchange sign-ups: there’s an even larger surge in California. Brett Logiurato has it.

3. Great point from Ezra Klein: polling showing that people don’t like Obamacare doesn’t necessarily predict whether they’ll sign up — just as it didn’t for Medicare Part D.

4. While Adrianna McIntyre explains why fears of a “death spiral” caused by young healthies are overblown.

5. The end-of-session battle over nominees continues to get sharper and sharper, and Sen. Harry Reid sounds more and more fed up.  Niels Lesniewski reports.

6. Voter impersonation fraud still doesn’t exist, Republican campaigns to supposedly solve it with voter ID notwithstanding. Dave Weigel as the latest update, which is basically the same as all the other updates.

7. Nobody really cares about the deficit, next chapter, from Pew polling — although while people definitely don’t want to cut most government spending, defense spending is relatively less popular, as usual.

8. Steve Benen: “On Iran, all Congress has to do is nothing.”

9. Which is exactly what 10 Senate Democrats — committee chairs all — want to do. Ryan Grim has the story.

10. Are you following the “pajama boy” flap? You’re probably better off it you aren’t, but Adam Serwer is great as usual in his response to what conservatives are up to.

11. Digby takes a look at more of the stories in the current conservative circus.

12. Montana political scientists David Parker and Robert Saldin on the Senate contest there after Max Baucus leaves for China.

13. Some media stuff: Chris Cillizza argues in defense of Washington-based political journalism. As an outsider … I agree with him! Washington-based political reporting is absolutely important and essential, even for campaigns and elections that take place far from Washington. As long, as Cillizza says, as it’s done well.

14. Mark Blumenthal recaps an interesting discussion (featuring both myself and Greg) on interviews and polling.

15. My longer post about interviews, polling, and how reporters should handle them.

16. And “Political centrism is not objectivity.” Brendan Nyhan on reporters and budget deficits.