Look, opponents of the law will be making a lot of noise about one alleged disaster after another for months and months and months. What matters is whether the law works over time — and no question, there’s a very long way to go.

* Brian Beutler on the GOP strategy to deal with the mounting numbers of Obamacare beneficiaries: Simply pretend they don’t exist for as long as it’s politically feasible. For the law, it will be forever October 2013…

* Ohio governor John Kasich’s efforts to bring federal money into the state to expand coverage to his own constituents has earned him a Tea Party primary challenger.

* Kevin Drum has an interesting suggestion as to what it would take to get Republicans to give up their dream of Obamacare repeal and enter into serious negotiations over incremental changes to it:

Obamacare could be different if it becomes widely used by the middle class, not just the poor. Republicans would have a hard time resisting middle-class demands to improve the program. But that’s what it will take. And I’d guess that 2017 is about the earliest likely date for Republicans to give up their dream of total repeal.

* Daniel Larison with an excellent post calling on the hawks to be honest about the true implications of their call for more sanctions on Iran, and how American hard liners are helping their Iranian counterparts sabotage negotiations.

What else?