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* Noam Levey has a useful overview of the moment you’ve all been waiting for: New data is now available on the demographic mix of those enrolling in Obamacare. More than 2.1 million people have now enrolled, and while the demographic mix and target are not yet where the administration hopes, young people tend to sign up later, and insurers say conclusions now are premature.

Not that this will put the slightest dent in the certainty among the law’s foes that its collapse is already underway, obviously.

* Sarah Kliff explains why the news is “okay” for the law, and why proponents expect the number of young enrollees to rise over time.

* Jonathan Cohn also has a useful look at the meaning of the news, and patiently explains, again, why the law will be fine as long as the enrollment numbers and mix improve over time. Again, what matters is how it works over time.

* Kaiser’s Larry Levitt tweets this important context:

2015 premiums will depend on what insurers think will happen in 2015, not what actually happened in 2014.

* Also from Levitt:

This has gotten less attention: 79% of marketplace enrollees are getting tax credits to help pay premiums. Consistent with CBO projections.

By the way: If you want to understand the Obamacare rollout from here on out, you should follow Larry Levitt right now.

* Also, the local clips and headlines show enrollment jumping in the states: Alabama; Washington; New Mexico; Utah; Michigan; Wisconsin; Maine; Illinois; Missouri; Florida; and even Texas.

As one Dem remarked to me today: The big news in those states is more people getting health insurance.

* Ben Armbruster notes that Republicans who want to impose additional sanctions on Iran were far more likely than Dems to criticize the news that the interim deal is moving forward, raising questions about GOP motives for supporting new sanctions. Too bad Dems seem determined to join with them.

* Indeed, as Dave Weigel accurately notes: “Every Democrat in a tight Senate race has endorsed the Iran sanctions bill.” Never mind the polls — Dems must assume they’re vulnerable on this because, well, just because.

* Senate Dem leaders delay the expected vote on unemployment benefits to evaluate the latest proposal from Senate Republicans, which all suggests talks are serious and could bear fruit.

* Mike Tomasky runs through the history and shows just how radical today’s GOP stance on UI has really become.

* Paul Krugman marshals more evidence showing that conservative economic policies don’t “lift all boats,” which is to say, they don’t result in higher wages, at least not for workers.

* And Ed Kilgore defends Hillary from the latest in “scheming Clintons” media coverage. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard this kind of stuff, but get ready for a lot more like it.

What else?