* The House GOP leadership is going full #OBenghazi, announcing a select committee to expand the probe into the deaths of four Americans there. One clue as to where all of this is headed: Three GOP Senators (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte) are pushing for more information on where Obama was and when as #Benghazi unfolded.

* Jonathan Cohn with a useful point-by-point guide to why today’s jobs report is some grounds for optimism, but also reasons for skepticism about the recovery’s long term prospects. Note Cohn’s important point about how conservatives are already basically getting their way when it comes to cuts to government employment.

* Dan Balz on the glimmer of optimism among Dems in the wake of today’s jobs report, and how that dovetails with the broader Dem strategy of drawing a sharp economic contrast with the GOP on issues important to the middle class.

* Relatedly, Aaron Blake makes a smart point about the economy in the key states:

According to the most recent state figures available, from March, the unemployment rate in 11 of the top 13 states Democrats are defending was below the national average, and the rate was actually at or below 5 percent in six of those 11 states. Those 11 states include arguably the three most pivotal states when it comes to the Senate majority: Alaska, North Carolina and Louisiana.

Dem strategists think an improving economy could help Dems by marginally boosting Obama’s approval and possibly easing Obamacare as a burden, too.

* Some good news about the Affordable Care Act: “91 percent in Rhode Island pay first premiums for Obamacare plans.” With Republicans trying to cast doubt on the number who have paid, the state-by-state data will be useful to piece together.

* However, as Bloomberg details, the law still faces pretty formidable long term challenges.

* Now that #Benghazi is going to get another full airing, Kevin Drum offers a useful look back at what role that much-discussed video actually played in what happened, a topic that will be torn to shreds (again) in the weeks ahead.

* Tweet of the day, #OBenghazi edition, courtesy of Ben White:

I’m sure there are important issues to deal with regarding the Benghazi attack but all this naked “rebranding” of it is repulsive.

* Relatedly, the editorial decision of the day: “Fox News cuts away from Obama press conference because nobody’s asking about Benghazi.”

* Steve Benen on how that Fox decision shows the conservative closed information feedback loop in action.

* Brian Beutler with a Grand Unified Theory of #OBenghaziCare: Why Benghazi is necessary to keep the Obamacare void filed, and why Republicans won’t be able to let it go.

* And Markos Moulitsas argues that the GOP’s new #Benghazi push is all about keeping the GOP base seething with rage at a time when the All-Obamacare-All-The-Time strategy is flopping miserably.

What else?