This, from David Drucker, is fascinating:

The pool of likely Republican appointees to the new House select committee on Benghazi is taking shape, with Speaker John Boehner set to reveal his picks later this week after the panel has been formally approved by a vote of the full chamber.

The lobbying by Republicans to win an appointment to the select committee has been intense, according to GOP members and other knowledgeable sources. But slots are limited and a House Republican leadership aide indicated that Boehner is narrowing the field to members who bring knowledge and expertise in the area of fact-finding and the events surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

“The most important thing — the overriding goal is to put together a group that will get to the truth for the American people,” the leadership aide told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

You can see why Republicans are jockeying so hard for a high profile role in the #Benghazi probe: The promise of endless plaudits from the Conservative Entertainment Complex, for one thing. As Fox News’ Bret Baier put it the other day, Benghazi is “the thing that everybody is talking about.” That is certainly true inside the Conservative Entertainment Complex, which makes it true everywhere.

Here in the CEC, Fox cut away from an Obama press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel because reporters weren’t asking about Benghazi. And a Fox anchor was shocked to discover that the topic of another White House presser was energy and climate change rather than the Benghazi scandal. As Steve Benen put it, in this zone, Benghazi is the “One True News Story.”

Kevin Drum has a quick summary of the Benghazi story, concluding the new emails really should have been released earlier, but that even so, there isn’t much here.

Either way, many GOP lawmakers are absolutely convinced this is their Watergate, which only intensifies the attraction of playing a high profile role in this probe: Here is a chance for ambitious lawmakers to make a major mark on American life.

The question is, did the CEC begin treating Benghazi as the One True News Story because of a genuine conviction among lawmakers that the administration’s handling of Benghazi might rise to a genuine, Watergate-level threat to the integrity of the government? Or did lawmakers come around to that conviction because the CEC’s treatment of it as the One True News Story made the incentives too irresistible to see it any other way? That’s one Benghazi mystery that may never be solved.