* Looks like President Obama is finally going to weigh in on the goings-on at the VA:

President Obama will publicly address allegations the Department of Veterans Affairs used falsified data to hide delays in care for veterans soon, the White House said Monday.

The president has not publicly discussed the situation since late last month, when he was asked a question about a report that 40 military veterans died while waiting for care at a facility in Phoenix. At the time, Obama said the administration was taking “the allegations very seriously” and that he had ordered an investigation into the matter.

It’s true that the problems the VA is having were a long time in the making. But that’s no excuse. They should have been fixed by now, and it’s especially important for a president from the party that believes in government to make government work.

* With Americans for Prosperity spending huge sums on anti-Obamacare ads to help Scott Brown, and Brown building his entire rationale for running on how awful Obamacare is, a new poll shows him trailing Sen. Jeanne Shaheen by 12 points.

* Dave Weigel makes a smart point about the Dems’ focus on the Koch brothers: For all the mockery of the strategy, it is actually getting a certain type of result that matters:

Harry Reid is mocked by Republicans (and some reporters) for constantly invoking [the Kochs’] name in his daily floor speeches. But how else would the Kochs be politically “hot” enough to become the focus of regular, day-driving stories in big media? Previous A1 stories have looked at Americans for Prosperity’s spending on a small-town Iowa race and the 2014 ambitions of the organization. The insane sums spent by Koch groups would be interesting enough on their own, but Democrats are also making it impossible to cover 2014 without covering and explaining the Kochs.

* Michael Boggs, whom Obama nominated to a federal judgeship despite his views on the confederate flag and gay marriage, may be in real trouble. Today Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon and perhaps the most admired Democrat in Washington, announced his opposition to Boggs’ appointment. As a House member, Lewis has no vote on the matter, but his opposition could give a lot of Dems the go-ahead to vote No.

* The fake controversy of the day: Republican opposition research group sends out edited clip of Michelle Nunn seemingly dodging a question about whether she would have voted for the Affordable Care Act had she been in Congress. The full transcript shows that while she did dodge the question, she did it in a detailed, nuanced way, while supporting Obamacare in some ways.

* And speaking of Georgia, over the weekend most of the Republican candidates declined to say they’d support Mitch McConnell for another tearm as Minority Leader. My take on this over at the American Prospect:

You’d think that they would want to promise Republican voters that they’ll be as partisan as possible, and that would mean supporting McConnell, who is not only the ultimate partisan but one of Washington’s shrewdest operators. But the Tea Party ethos has infused everything within the GOP. That means that you’re supposed to pose as a rebel, so independent-minded and contemptuous of existing institutions that you can’t even bring yourself to support anybody to lead you, let alone someone who’s been in Washington for decades, no matter what he’s been doing during that time. Republican candidates think that what their primary voters want in a senator is a lone gunslinger, riding across the range dispensing cruel justice, the Legislator With No Name. So that’s who’ll they’ll pretend to be.

* Igor Volsky points to a new report indicating that health insurance premiums are unlikely to skyrocket next year,  as conservative were hoping. I mean dreading, of course! They’d never hope for something bad to happen, just so they could have a talking point.

* And Dylan Scott details how the closing of clinics designed to serve those who need health care is another sign that Obamacare is working. — gs

* Another day, another judge striking down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage. This time it’s in Oregon. And it happens so often it barely makes news anymore. Oregon Dems are already all over Senate candidate Monica Wehby for not supporting gay rights, and the politics of this continue trending in Dems’ favor.

* Henry Fernandez and Phillip Wolgin of the Center for American Progress make the case to Republicans that they really have nothing to fear politically from immigration reform. But the wrath of the right is so scary!

* And American Crossroads is back! The super-est of super PACs, started by GOP consultant royalty Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, is ready to explode into the 2014 midterms with…$10 million of spending. Given that the Kochs are spending $125 million this year, that really doesn’t seem like that much.