* Next week, President Obama will unveil new regulations to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants, unleashing a din of lies and distortions. To prepare you, the National Journal supplies a handy guide to what people will be saying and what you should believe.

* As you know, Mitch McConnell’s camp has been declining to say whether he’s for or against rolling back funding for the Medicaid expansion and subsidies that have helped cover hundreds of thousands in his home state. But now his campaign is sending out fundraising emails reiterating: “McConnell has promised to repeal every part of this disastrous law.” What a train wreck.

* Charles Gaba, whose blog has been tracking ACA signups, is direct:

McConnell is utterly full of crap. He knows it, Grimes knows it, the Kentucky media knows it; he’s just hoping that the voters of Kentucky are too stupid to know it.

* Alexandra Jaffe and Elsie Viebeck get to the heart of what McConnell’s Kynect buffoonery really means: It “highlights the difficulty facing Republicans as they grapple with their message of repeal in the face of benefits the law is now delivering.”

As they also note, however, it’s on Dems to drive home the problems with the repeal message. — gs

* Kentucky governor Steve Beshear piles on McConnell, and puts the Senator’s evasions in perspective:

Over 421,000 Kentuckians have signed up for health insurance through “kynect” — about 75 percent of whom didn’t previously have  insurance and about 52 percent of whom were under age 35. That’s almost 1 in 10 Kentuckians…No wonder Sen. McConnell and other critics are suddenly leery of how voters might react to their desire to take health insurance away from 421,000 Kentuckians.

If only McConnell would clarify his actual stance on those hundreds of thousands. — gs

And here’s Kentucky Dem Rep. John Yarmuth piling on McConnell, too. But no worries! An unnamed McConnell adviser claims to be “thrilled” by all the coverage of his evasions, because Everyone Hates Obummercare. — gs

* Joe Sonka runs some numbers and finds that if the ACA were repealed, Kentuckians would lose over $150 million in health care subsidies from the federal government next year.

* House Republicans refuse to vote on comprehensive immigration reform, but they found time today to approve an amendment sponsored by renowned nutball Steve King to investigate the release of criminals from immigrant detention. At least somebody gets his immigration bills voted on.

*  From a tweet today from Sen. Mary Landrieu:

“Shinseki served our nation with distinction but recent unacceptable actions under his watch regrettably means new leadership is needed.”

That brings the number of Democratic senators calling for Eric Shinseki’s resignation to 11 — and many of them are up for reelection.

* Meanwhile, the Post has a more comprehensive run-down of where lawmakers stand on Shinseki. Hard to imagine this will continue much longer…

* The robo-firm Public Policy Polling finds Dem Senator Jeff Merkley leading challenger Monica Wehby by 14 points, 50-36. It’s early days, but this sort of stuff will indicate whether GOP claims of broadening the Senate map to the outer stratosphere have anything to them.

* What do you call it when Americans work difficult jobs for 20 cents an hour or less? At the American Prospect, Beth Schwartzapfel reports on “Modern-Day Slavery In America’s Prison Workforce.”

* The Washington Redskins tried to hashtag-bomb Harry Reid over their name. It didn’t go too well for them.

* And today in right wing media: Ed Kilgore informs us that conservative news organization Newsmax is getting a TV channel, complete with a deal with DirecTV:

In case you are not aware, Newsmax is a wholly fraudulent enterprise that routinely fleeces its own readership through quackery, gold-buggery, and any other scheme they can think of to separate old folks from their money.

So what’s the problem?