* Karen DeYoung and Carol Morello report that President Trump’s inane decision on Iran is going to have all kinds of negative consequences:

More than any other issue that has threatened transatlantic cohesion this year, President Trump’s decision to decertify Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal could start a chain of events that would sharply divide the United States from its closest traditional allies in the world.

“After the Paris climate decision,” in which Trump withdrew the United States from a widely supported, painfully negotiated accord, “this could push multilateralism to the breaking point,” said a senior official from one of the three European signatories to the Iran deal.

None of the three — Britain, France and Germany — believes Iran is in violation, and each has said publicly it will not renegotiate the nuclear agreement.

And explain to me why any country would sign any sort of agreement with this administration after all this.

* Gabriel Debenedetti reports that Democrats are looking to help out the most extreme Republican primary contender in every race to give themselves a better shot, and Alabama (where religious right extremist Roy Moore is the GOP nominee) is the template:

Both the Democrats’ Senate campaign wing and the Democratic National Committee have recently sent staffers to the state, where two separate polls within the last week have now described the race as a single-digit-margin contest between Moore and former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones. And other national Democratic figures have started paying more attention. California Sen. Kamala Harris, for example, recently cut a $5,000 campaign check for Jones, a Democrat familiar with the transaction told POLITICO.

They’re going to have an embarrassment of riches with all the crazed Republicans to choose from.

* Ken Dilanian reports that Christopher Steele, the author of that colorful dossier on Trump and the Russians, is in talks with the Senate Intelligence Committee on how he’ll share what he knows with them.

* David Wasserman has a reality-based look at whether Democrats can take back the House in 2018, noting that they’re going to need some lucky breaks to do it.

* Paul Kane reports that Democrats are embarking on a new campaign to demonize Paul Ryan.

* Carolyn Johnson explains what sorts of middle class families could see their taxes go up under the Trump administration’s proposal.

* Jason Sattler says Trump should reimburse the public for all the ways he’s living large at the taxpayers’ expense.

* Adam Winkler describes how understandings of the right to bear arms have evolved over time, and notes that our contemporary understanding need not be permanent.

* Robert Kuttner talks to Steve Bannon and finds him committed to destroying Mitch McConnell.

* Michelle Goldberg explains why this would be a particularly bad time for the left to abandon its commitment to freedom of speech.

* At The Week, I came out and said it: Yes, I’d like to ban guns.

* And Jason Le Miere reports that a former producer on “The Apprentice” says that Trump routinely said “unfathomably despicable” racist things while on the set.