* Sahil Kapur reports that Republicans are giving tax reform all the careful consideration required by a topic so consequential and complex:

The House tax-writing committee debate … on the GOP’s proposed overhaul [is] kicking off four frantic days for lobbyists and lawmakers to revise a bill that represents President Donald Trump’s final hope for a signature legislative achievement this year.

It could prove to be a make-or-break week. The head of the tax-writing panel, Kevin Brady, has signaled that he intends to allow revisions during his committee’s meetings this week — but not when the bill is on the full House floor. That means other House members will have to settle for a take-it-or-leave-it vote — perhaps as soon as the week of Nov. 13.

Lobbyists and lawmakers are going to want to make their preferred changes, but “people are dreaming — it’s awfully hard to get those tweaks in there,” said John Feehery, a Republican lobbyist and former House leadership aide.

I’m sure it’ll all be fine and there won’t be any surprises in there at all.

* Darius Dixon and Eric Wolff report that Rick Perry has a great new idea to bring American energy into the future:

A proposal by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to alter the nation’s electricity markets would provide a windfall for a small group of companies — most strikingly one owned by coal magnate Bob Murray, a prominent backer of President Donald Trump.

Perry’s plan would force consumers to subsidize ailing coal-fired and nuclear power plants with billions of dollars, in what he calls an effort to ensure that the nation’s power network can withstand threats like terrorist attacks or severe weather. But his narrowly written proposal would mostly affect plants in a stretch of the Midwest and Northeast where Murray’s mining company, Murray Energy, is the predominant supplier, according to a POLITICO analysis of Energy Department data.

At last, the inside dealing in Washington has been banished! Drain that swamp, woo-hoo!

* Cameron Joseph reports that Democrats are cautiously optimistic about Ralph Northam’s chances in Virginia, but a lot is riding on tomorrow’s outcome:

Democrats still think they’re likely to hang on and win the race. But the back-biting and finger-pointing has distracted Northam and helped unite Republicans as he looks to grind out a win against GOP nominee Ed Gillespie’s racially charged campaign in the biggest test so far of Democratic organizing ability and electoral strength since Trump’s 2016 victory.

“Everyone’s just scrambling to sh-t the bed at once,” one longtime Virginia Democratic strategist told TPM.

It never hurts to start the finger-pointing before election day; that’ll save you time later on.

* A new Fox News poll shows Ralph Northam with a five-point lead in the Virginia governor’s race.

* A new Monmouth University poll puts Northam’s lead at only two points.

* The race is now approaching $40 million in spending.

* Harry Enten explains everything you need to know about what the Virginia election means.

* Steven Shepard tells you about 15 other elections taking place tomorrow that bear watching.

* Kimberly Leonard reports that a Republican senator says the White House has prepared an executive order revoking the individual health insurance mandate, but is waiting to see whether it finds its way into the tax bill.

* Daniel Schultz has a nicely argued response to the claim of some on the right that gun control is futile because government can’t help combat evil.

* Republican operative Kurt Bardella explains why it’s only a matter of time before President Trump tries to fire Robert Mueller.

* Mehdi Hasan argues that Trump’s terrorism strategy is guaranteed to create more terrorists.

* Alexi McCammond reports that a coalition of liberal groups is starting an initiative to register and mobilize a million “health care voters” before next year’s election.

* At The Week, I explained the one thing the Democratic Party doesn’t need, no matter how tomorrow’s elections turn out.

* And Jennifer Bendery reports that a woman who gave the president’s motorcade the finger as they passed by her on her bike was fired by her employer, a government contractor. I’m sure the conservative opponents of “political correctness” will come right to her defense.