Congressional leaders on Wednesday unveiled a sweeping budget deal that would add about $400 billion in federal spending over the next two years, delivering the military funding boost demanded by President Trump alongside the increase in domestic programs sought by Democrats.
With a government-shutdown deadline of midnight Thursday looming, the accord holds the promise to break a months-long partisan standoff centered on federal spending, though roadblocks remain.
In a major lift for the package, the White House signaled its support, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling it “steps forward.” But several Republicans strenuously opposed a plan that would add to the nation’s debt.

The budget deficit has already ballooned thanks to the tax cut all those same Republicans voted for. So feel free to ignore everything they say.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a mostly unknown but deeply influential aide who spends almost every day by President Donald Trump’s side, said Wednesday he plans to resign following abuse allegations from his ex-wives.
In a pair of reports published by the Daily Mail, Porter’s two ex-wives detailed episodes of verbal and physical abuse. The Daily Mail published a copy of a protective order obtained by Porter’s second wife in 2010, and later published photographs of Porter’s first wife with a black eye she said came from Porter punching her. […]
But a senior administration official said Kelly was previously aware of the 2010 protective order, which prevented Porter from getting a full security clearance.

I guess Kelly said to him, “No prob, bro — we all know chicks lie.” After all, didn’t over a dozen women independently make up stories about President Trump grabbing them and kissing them against their will?

It couldn’t be because they were worried that giving the federal government their names and addresses might one day be used to round them up for deportation, like say if some xenophobic white nationalist got elected president.

* A new Quinnipiac poll finds that Trump’s approval has risen to 40 percent, and 48 percent give him credit for the state of the economy.

* And finally, if you haven’t seen the Trump hair video, you simply must. For yourself. For the children. For America.