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* Tierney Sneed reports that Paul Manafort really knew how to use his position on the Trump campaign to his advantage:

Dennis Raico, a witness who worked at a bank that extended Paul Manafort $16 million in loans, testified at Manafort’s trial Friday that Manafort was approved for the first of these loans the day after a meeting with the bank’s CEO Stephen Calk. During the meeting, Raico said, Calk expressed interest in working for Donald Trump.

The meeting took place on July 27, 2016, with Calk videoconferencing in and Raico and Jeffrey Yohai, Manafort’s then-son in law, in attendance.

Manafort submitted the loan documents to the bank, Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, that day. Raico testified that he never saw a loan approved so quickly.

I think I understand why Trump figured Manafort was his kind of guy.

* Damian Paletta reports that President Trump is making America respected and admired all over the world:

President Trump said Friday that he told his administration to double steel and aluminum tariffs against Turkey, reflecting the rapidly deteriorating state of relations between the two countries.

The announcement would mark a major policy shift, but it was made in a Twitter post with little context. Trump remarked that Turkey’s currency, the lira, was weakening against the U.S. dollar, a phenomenon that had made existing tariffs less effective.

Doubling the tariffs to 20 percent for aluminum and 50 percent for steel would magnify the impact of the trade restrictions.

This is weird, because Turkey’s leader is a brutal dictator, which normally means Trump would do anything to win his favor.

* Helene Cooper and Julian Barnes report on how U.S. officials scrambled behind the scenes to limit the damage President Trump could do to NATO.

* Harry Litman says that it’s time for Robert Mueller to issue a subpoena to President Trump.

* Arelis R. Hernández reports that a federal judge halted a deportation of a mother and daughter, and threatened to hold Attorney General Sessions in contempt.

* David Drucker reports that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is attacking Trump for not being tough enough on border security, which is one way to do it, I guess.

* Meredith Conroy, Mai Nguyen, and Nathaniel Rakich give you the data on what kind of candidates have won Democratic primaries this year.

* Jamil Smith explains why we — and the president — need to acknowledge that what happened a year ago in Charlottesville was white supremacist terrorism.

* Ellis Cose says that what Trump has done instead is normalize racism.

* Eugene Scott educates President Trump on what kneeling football players are protesting, since he doesn’t seem to know.

* Michelle Goldberg says that the real story among Democrats right now is that they are showing a remarkable degree of pragmatism in their races.

* David Catanese profiles Ayanna Pressley, the Boston city councilor who could be the next Democratic insurgent to knock off an incumbent congressman in a primary.

* And Avi Selk reports that Donald Trump Jr. is tweeting out photoshopped images to falsely claim his father is more popular than he actually is. Here’s a secret: Eric isn’t the dumb one.