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There are some signs that Republican backbones may be weakening when it comes to the debt limit.

  • George Zornick
  • ·
  • Dec 23, 2013
  • ·

Maybe -- just maybe -- the House Speaker could cite the Dem refusal to cave as a reason for Republicans to resume with the normal give and take of governing.

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

  • Jonathan Bernstein
  • ·
  • Oct 16, 2013
  • ·

Nonstop crises and an obsession with austerity are already damaging the U.S. economy to an untold degree.

  • Ryan Cooper
  • ·
  • Oct 15, 2013
  • ·

The dispute that has paralyzed the system is, at bottom, is over what constitute acceptable governing norms.

Democratic aides say Republicans have two choices: Either take the debt limit off the table or find the party torn apart once again in 2014.

Democrats should demand a permanent disabling of the debt limit as an extortion tool as part of any compromise.

It does look like Republicans are set to cave on the debt limit, but that could mean an even longer government shutdown.

It's still unclear whether Republicans are willing to raise the debt limit, without any conditions attached.

The usual delaying tactics they have employed to such great effect may work against them this time, as default looms.

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