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Two Republicans revive an old meme: The unemployed are too lazy to work

  • Alex Seitz-Wald
  • ·
  • Aug 29, 2013
  • ·

Republicans claim that unions are asking for too much in the negotiations over immigration reform, and could kill the emerging compromise. Don't buy it.

Major groups on the left won't tolerate a single additional concession of any significance on Obama's part.

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

There is no longer any doubt: The main obstacle to any compromise is the GOP's insistence on clinging to a fringe position on taxes, one far outside the American mainstream.

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

  • Jonathan Bernstein
  • ·
  • Dec 11, 2012
  • ·

There may be a way to force a popular vote on the "right to work" law.

The President spells out that "right to work" laws are rotten to their core.

In private meeting, Dems pointedly tell Governor Rick Snyder that the "right to work" push guarantees years of conflict and division.

Top Michigan Democrats are meeting with Governor Rick Snyder to urge him to find a way out of the impasse, rather than further divide the state.

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