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Today's presser was about one thing: Keeping the focus off the easy availability of guns for as long as possible. It's a familiar play.

Last night's outcome confirms that House conservatives may not be capable of playing any role in the conversation over how to move the country forward.

If next year's gun control push is going to work, drafters of the legislation will have to learn from the failures of the assault weapons ban of the 1990s. Democrats say they plan to do just that.

In so doing, the President invited us to insist that he continue to engage the issue until real solutions are found.

It now seems certain that we will find out whether meaningful gun law reform is possible if it is actually attempted.

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

A top lawmaker says Democrats will introduce a whole package of reforms early in the new year.

The devil will be in the details of the proposal to cut Social Security.

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

A new poll shows that the voters who oppose stricter gun laws are the ones who aren't voting for Obama to begin with.

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