She’s still pitching her book, still hoping someone will come out and see her when she shows up at a signing, but Bristol Palin isn’t able to pack 'em in the way she used to — if a recent classified ad on Craigslist was any measure.

Bristol was in D.C. over the weekend along with her mother, Sarah, who spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Bristol’s book, “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,” came out in June last year and immediately slid off the radar after reviewers pretty much trashed her trash talk: “In the place of real insight, we frequently get catty asides,” wrote Stephen Lowman in The Post. “Some of her ex’s [Levi Johnston’s] trash-talk expertise must have rubbed off on her, because she dishes it out with aplomb.”

The public, too, seems to have lost its appetite for Bristol’s brand of spectacle. She had to turn to Craigslist to beg people to show up at a book signing on Saturday at Books-A-Million in the District. In an ad on the Web site, Palin offered free, autographed copies of her book to the first 100 people to RSVP. Even the conservative DC newspaper the Examiner noted that the ad was “an attempt to entice fans to attend the event.”

After first bursting into the spotlight during her mother’s run for the vice presidency in 2008, at which time it was revealed she was an out-of-wedlock pregnant teen, Bristol went on to slide across the floor as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” She was herself the latest shooting star who was famous for a few moments for being famous, and now at last it seems the world is getting close to closing the book on her.