On his book tour, Dick Cheney has faced questions about his health, his heart condition and the pump that keeps blood moving at a normal rate to his organs. Conservatives and liberals have reacted differently — no surprise there — to the questions and to Cheney’s responses.

CNN’s John King kicked up conservative ire with the way he phrased his question during an interview with the former vice president. King first mentioned that Cheney had a device attached to him — “I’m not even quite sure what to call it,” King said — then asked: “When you were writing this book, I don’t mean to sound morbid, but were you thinking, you know, ‘My days could be numbered and I need to get this right, this could be my last word?’ ”

Conservative blogger Noel Sheppard, among others, thought the phrasing was insensitive: “There should be a level of respect and courtesy accorded former political leaders that one would think precludes speaking of his death so cavalierly,” he wrote.

CNN’s John King putting the question to Cheney:

On the other side of the spectrum was Jon Stewart who did his Daily Show take on Cheney’s bionic qualities. Cheney, of course, came in for some serious ribbing. But in the end, Stewart seemed to soften on the vice president, recognizing that his device somehow humanized him.