I’ve begun tweeting on nonfiction and the publishing industry, including e-books, apps, etc. If you’d like to follow me the handle is @SteveLevingston.

Here are a few tweets of the past week:

My prediction: Murdoch scandal will be much uglier by time Davies’s book on it is out fall 2012 http://ow.ly/5N82s

Can publishers imitate the tech start-up model? Author of “Every Book Is a Startup” thinks so. http://ow.ly/5N08A

The larger Borders story, a la James Carroll: “Whole saga of books across these decades is a cautionary tale of loss.” http://ow.ly/5MR2R

Seven-year-old epileptic writes book to raise money to get himself a seizure dog; first book-signing Sunday. http://ow.ly/5LLqr

Five greatest bar brawls in history from author of new book “America Walks into a Bar.” @browbeatslate http://ow.ly/5LiFi

Five reasons cookbooks are great as e-books. http://ow.ly/5L2t9

Beware what you publish in Iran as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attacks “harmful books” that have “political hidden motives.” http://ow.ly/5L1fu

Europe a land of immigrants now nearly as much as the U.S., Dutch author says in book newly translated into English. http://ow.ly/5Nc1r

What’s driving the Niebuhr revival? John Patrick Diggins tries to answer in new book “Why Niebuhr Now?” http://ow.ly/5Khwj

Japan’s nuclear crisis spurs publishers’ bonanza, reports Post’s Chico Harlan from Tokyo. http://ow.ly/5IVZP

Former Google executive claims company is blocking publication of his book on social circles, he tells @CNETNews http://t.co/UDcSfhX