On the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart had some fun with the conservative complaint that liberals are constantly attacking them — while conservatives never attack liberals. In a six-minute segment, Stewart showed a variety of clips of conservatives grousing about the barrage of liberal broadsides. As Stewart put it, “The reason conservatives hate it when liberals play the victim card is that it distracts from the real victims: conservatives.”

But the point of the segment is to show that conservatives give as good as they get. At one point, the screen fills with a series of conservatives declaring that liberals “do not believe in free speech” “do nor care about blacks, do not care about women, do not care about gays,” “are godless people,” “love dictators,” etc. He ends this sequence with Sean Hannity characterizing liberal attacks on conservatives as “so mean, ... so vicious, it’s so cruel, and I don’t hear this coming from conservatives about liberals.”

And this brings me to the reason I’m talking about this at all: books. To nail home his point that conservatives aren’t mere innocent victims of liberal attacks, Stewart invites viewers to take a look at some recent books published by conservatives. “If you want to learn more about the hateful, hyperbolic name-calling and malice-mongering that people on the right face every day in this country, visit your local library and check out some of these informative titles.”

The books begin streaming across the screen about four and half minutes into the segment.

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