Mystery surrounds the cancellation of Michael Hastings’ book based on his Rolling Stone article about Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The New York Post reports that the book called “The Operators” was due out in December from Little, Brown but now agent Andrew Wylie has started shopping it around again. The Rolling Stone piece last summer ended McChrystal’s role as head of the war in Afghanistan. Michael Pietsch, the publisher and president of Little, Brown, wouldn’t discuss the matter with the New York Post’s Keith Kelly.


The craziest, or most brilliant, idea in the publishing revolution

Unbound publishing is taking an entirely new approach to book publishing, Fast Company reports. Busting the traditional model into pieces, Unbound proposes a new book on its website and people then donate money to get it published. If enough people show an interest the book sees the light of day. And it’s had its first success: a book by Monty Python’s Terry Jones. The idea is modeled after Kickstarter, a crowd-funding entity that has funded a variety of projects, including iPod Nano wristwatches. Truly a sign that the creative juices are flowing off the page and into the new world.