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First week sales of “Demonic,” Coulter’s latest argument against the left, are weaker than out-of-the-gate sales of her previous books.

“Demonic” will debut at number three on our Washington area bestseller list on Sunday. It’s a nice spot, but falls short of where Coulter’s previous efforts have landed.

In 2006, her book “Godless” debuted in the number one spot on the list. “Guilty,” Coulter’s 2009 effort, placed at number two.

It’s not as if “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America” has been lacking in attention. In the past two weeks Coulter has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “The View,” CNN, CNBC and several times on Fox News and the Fox Business Network.

But, in recent years, the lawyer who became a media star thanks to her polemic arguments and outrageous comments has had to compete with a flood of other voices similar in tone and bombast — from conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin to Republican politicians like Sarah Palin — all fighting to move books and be heard over the cable news cacophony.

Perhaps the shock of her statements — once an inducement to book buyers — has yielded a numbness among a portion of her readers more than a decade after her first screed was published.

While Coulter still has the type of sales numbers most authors can only dream of, there has been an undeniable drop off in her sales..

Nielsen BookScan reports “Guilty” (2009) sold 121,000 copies in hardcover, compared with the 279,000 hardcover copies of “Godless” (2006). “Slander” (2002) sold 333,000 hardcover copies, while “Treason” (2003) was tops at 397,000 copies sold.

Her paperback sales have not fared any better.

“Slander” (2002) sold 111,000 copies in paperback; “Treason” (2003) sold 72,000; and “Godless” (2006) 38,000. “Guilty” (2009) sold 17,000.