The FHFA has sued 17 major banks, alleging that the firms sold risky mortgage-backed securities to taxpayer-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Here is a list of the banks that have been targeted in the suit and how much money the FHFA argues the toxic assets were worth:

Name Amount in billions
Ally Financial, formerly GMAC  6
Bank of America   6
Barclays Bank 4.9
Citigroup  3.5
Countrywide Financial    26.6
Credit Suisse Holdings 14.1
Deutsche Bank    14.2
First Horizon National Corporation  0.883
General Electric Company  0.549
Goldman Sachs 11.1
HSBC North America Holdings 6.2
JPMorgan Chase 33
Merrill Lynch 24.853
Morgan Stanley  10.58
Nomura Holding America    2
The Royal Bank of Scotland    30.4
Société Générale  1.3
Total 196.165