It’s come to this. The showdown over the debt ceiling has become such an all-consuming topic in the media that it’s now being spoofed on YouTube.

The wonky subject gets some faux-gangsta rap treatment courtesy of Remy. The comedian was behind the 2009 viral video “Arlington: The Rap,” which poked fun at the neighborhood’s decidedly un-hardscrabble image. (My favorite line was, “My crib’s in a rough spot, right next to the Whole Foods.”)

In his new video, “Raise the Debt Ceiling,” Remy dons a shiny jumpsuit and some bling to brag about all the big spending he’s been doing: “Drive all kinds of cars, got all kinds of whips. People ask me how I get ’em, I tell ’em ‘stimulus.’” And he gives his take on what the government is up to: “Inflating the moneys, calling up China, ‘Yo, we straight out of $20s!’”

The video shows Remy dropping his rhymes all over town, from the Capitol Rotunda to the Federal Reserve building. There are also some scenes set against backdrops that look straight out of a ’90s-era Hype Williams-directed hip-hop video.

True policy geeks will notice that the rapper’s fiscal policy facts are a little fuzzy. He mentions “QE1, QE2, QE4, QE3,” but Fed watchers know we’ve only had two rounds of quantitative easing. Still, we’ll forgive him that since the tense debt ceiling debate could benefit from a little comedic relief.

Check out Remy’s video here:

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