The end of a year always brings with it a deluge of lists, rankings and and other rearview-mirror analysis about events of the past 12 months and explanations of why or whether they matter.

Many of these pieces tend to focus on the year’s best or most influential people, creations and events. But we’d like to take a page from our friends at The Fix, who wrap up the year with a ‘Worst Year in Washington’ award, a culmination of their regular ‘Worst Week in Washington’ competition.

On Wall Street and in economic policy circles, a few leaders stood out for the bad publicity they endured this year. Some executives were ousted, others were ridiculed for flubbed business decisions. And other prominent figures were ensnared in scandals ranging from white collar crime to illegal hacking to alleged sexual assault.

Who do you think had the worst 2011? The game below allows you to look at our nominees in head-to-head match-ups and decide who fared the worst.

And as our comrades at The Fix say to the recipients of their dubious honor, Congratulations. Or something.

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