People wait in line during a job fair, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, on Aug. 18 on the campus of Atlanta Technical College in Atlanta. (Bob Andres/AP)

“I know I should pay bills,” Connor said in a recent voicemail message sent to The Post. “But I want to do something just for me for once.”

As part of the “Help Wanted: Stories of Unemployment” project, Connor and other longterm unemployed submitted audio testimonials with their plans for what they are going to do when they get a job.

For Brenda Tate, a woman from Monroeville, Ala., who has been unemployed for three years, her plan has more to do with her son than herself.

Angela Nelson couldn’t pick just one first action. The California woman is going to thank God and President Barack Obama, among other plans.

Robert Roos, a 59-year-old former software engineer, is eager to pay back his father for some support he received.

And this Morristown, N.J. man just wants to get a full tank of gas.

Kimberly Yaman, a former writer from North Carolina, noted that this question was especially difficult because “it says when you get a job rather than if you get a job and I’ve tried so hard that it’s hard for me to wrap myself around that word ‘when’ anymore.”

And then there’s Connor and her perfume, of course.

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