New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers the keynote address at the Republican convention on Aug. 28. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

The most popular line of Tuesday night’s convention—by design, of course—may have been “we built it.” But in Chris Christie’s rousing keynote address, the word of the night, at least, was “leadership.”

That could very well have been by design, too. Christie seemed just as intent on burnishing his own brand as he was in getting the crowd excited about Mitt Romney. Talking about how “real leaders” act and what real leadership does helps to reinforce the image of Christie as a leader all his own.

Below, we take our highlighter to Christie’s speech, looking for how often he talks about leadership, what makes him such a charismatic speaker, and how long it takes him to get around to talking about Mitt Romney.

(Scroll through the full text of his speech, and click on the yellow highlighting to read my notes.)

What did you think of Christie’s keynote? Leave a comment and share your take on how he did.

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