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On Feb. 10, White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah joined experts in criminal justice for live onstage conversations about efforts to assist individuals as they are released and transition into their communities.

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Free tattoos, elixirs and hopped cola: Is this the pizza shop for the 21st century?

&pizza does things differently than your average pizza place.

Whitney Wolfe, founder of dating app Bumble, has had quite the year. She just can’t discuss parts of it.

After settling her lawsuit against former employer Tinder, Wolfe doesn't want to look back.

Who’s off the Internet — and why

Although cost is still a factor, two-thirds of non-Internet users in U.S. say they won’t sign up at any price.

A nation on the Internet, but disparate in speed and skill

What city leaders and technology experts are saying about the new digital divide

What people don’t get about ‘Black Twitter’

What people get wrong about "Black Twitter"

Building small businesses online, one click at a time

Moving from Yellow Pages to Web pages proves challenging.

‘Celebrity politicians’ partly responsible for House GOP divisions, Rep. Devin Nunes says

"They’re the first ones to run to TV or to talk radio and to attack pretty much everybody in the whole institution," Nunes said. "And I don’t think they’re interested in governing.”

The dos and don’ts of debating Donald Trump

Candidates may be better off studying him than attacking him.

Phoenix Mayor: Cities adjusting to less federal money for transportation

Millennials want tech gadgets to save energy. But can they afford them?

Young people are most likely to have college degrees, but still be unemployed. That's a big drawback for a demographic that's trying to take the lead on energy solutions.

Why the solar-plus-battery revolution may be closer than you think

An expert panel contemplates how this new technology -- paired with solar panels -- will unfold.

Haley Barbour on why Mississippi’s flag is different than other Confederate flags

He stopped short of offering a personal opinion on the matter.

How a daughter’s persistence brought out mom’s entrepreneurial side

A mother and her 8-year-old daughter head into business together.

How can women raise money? Let us count the ways

Money -- and the difficulty women have borrowing and raising it -- was the recurring theme Friday at the Post's Women in Small Business live event.

Why investors like AOL co-founder Steve Case are betting big on food

The food industry's huge opportunities for disruption are now attracting one of tech's biggest names.

What experts in diabetes are saying about education and prevention

Excerpts from Washington Post’s Diabetes Summit Nov. 13

Starbucks CEO: Veterans Day ‘has been turned into a weekend sale’

Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, said events in Washington this week are meant to bring attention to the veteran experience.

Technology helping more baby-boomer grandparents stay plugged in to grandkids

Technology is helping more baby-boomer grandparents stay plugged in to their grandchildren.

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