Gary Barg is the editor in chief of Today's Caregiver magazine. He talks about the stressful, sometimes isolating, lives of caregivers at Washington Post Live's 2013 Caregiving in America forum. (Washington Post Live)

Gary Barg at Washington Post Live’s Caregiving in America forum in Chicago. (Photo by Ashlee Rezin/The Washington Post)

“Make sure that you don’t isolate yourself. And ask for help. Also, spend time with other family caregivers. That’s really where the expertise is. Every one — every single caregiver — has a piece of the puzzle that another caregiver is looking for. This caregiver learned how to get them to eat. And this caregiver learned how to get her mother to stop driving.

“The holidays, as opposed to being a major stressor for family caregivers, can actually be a great opportunity if your fly-over family members who don’t understand what’s going on come in. They may have their own attitudes and suggestions. After Mom goes to bed and you’re sitting around and you’re having coffee, talk about that one topic that is taboo. Consider those family members sitting around the table as your board of directors.”

-Gary Edward Barg, editor-in-chief, Today’s Caregiver magazine