Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman describes his company as a platform where people can express themselves freely, even if what they're expressing make people uncomfortable. (Washington Post Live)

Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman spoke at The Post’s 2016 Transformers live journalism event May 18 in Washington, D.C. Learn more here.

“A big mistake I made when I returned was thinking what Reddit needs is a very clear content policy. This is what’s allowed and this is what’s not. We went through this whole effort, very rather publicly actually.

I learned this very important lesson I wish I could go back and tell myself, which is that it is impossible to draw a line.”

Steve Huffman
Co-founder and chief executive, Reddit

Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman, Twitch founder Emmett Shear and Washington Post digital culture critic Caitlin Dewey discuss how how platforms are creating communities, building businesses and pushing boundaries. (Washington Post Live)
Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman and Twitch founder Emmett Shear discuss the sensitive nature and of leading user-driven communities. (Washington Post Live)