It’s the biggest news story in ten years. Osama bin Laden, international terrorist leader and financier of the 9/11 attacks, was attacked and killed by American forces in Pakistan.

The news today is filled with bin Laden coverage — details of the covert CIA operation, articles about the decade long manhunt, and debates about Pakistan’s role in sheltering the infamous terrorist, all flanked the pages of newspapers today.

But at the very core, the major news story of the day is an obituary.

It’s an understatement to say that bin Laden was a pivotal figure of the last decade. He was the face of 9/11, the event that has defined America in the modern era. Without him, there would be no war on terror. Would it be a stretch to say that without his presence there might not even be the wave of revolts that are occurring every day across the Middle East?

It’s only appropriate then that when a person of this magnitude dies, newspapers write an obituary to offer a glimpse into exactly who this person was — his origins, motivations, influences — to help us piece it all together. The many obituaries written, perhaps several years in advance in anticipation of this day, help us to make sense of bin Laden’s place in history.

So while there are a plethora of articles debating what actually occurred in Pakistan and what it all means, I hope you will take some time today to read a news obituary on bin Laden that tells a different, yet important, side of the story.