Trump effectively cauterized the hemorrhaging press coverage of Flynn’s resignation, what Trump knew and when he knew it and the withdrawal of Puzder as his labor secretary nominee.

Some people argue that barring the use of SNAP funds for junk food would produce no health benefit. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Let's keep some perspective: Trump has been in office less than a month. His presidency is not an abject failure.

Hillary Clinton's 'damn emails' seem rather quaint now.

The sooner the FBI director faces the consequences for his colossal mistake the better.

How the Trump administration is messing up with the media.

The Democrats should take the lion’s share of the blame for the proliferation of fake news.

There's something refreshing about Trump's loud and proud love of country.

This is “a 12-month enterprise, not just a three-month enterprise before the election.”

The real question is whether the national security adviser has been trying to hide pre-inauguration communications.

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