The Trump administration will retain Ambassador Deborah Birx as the coordinator of PEPFAR until a successor is named.

There has been a remarkable shift to the left in the health-care debate.

The incoming commerce secretary will make his presence known.

We might benefit from having a more realistic understanding of the new president’s character at the outset of his administration.

On this final day of the Obama presidency, one more trip down memory lane with those who had a front-row seat in a historic administration.

Letters of advice to the new president, from “full speed ahead” to “stop tweeting.”

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In Putin's mind, the United States attacked first in the information war. Russia is now strong enough to retaliate.

Rep. John Lewis has squandered his potential, and that's a loss for all of us.

This is so utterly predictable.

A new Post-ABC poll suggests that broad platitudes are not the best way to make Trump's life difficult.

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