PostScript would like to start today with major props to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who managed to punk all of Twitter and two major news outlets by having a surprise twist ending to his decision. Reporters with their fingers poised over the tweet button, hoping to scoop everyone else before Roberts finished, got thoroughly played. Lesson: Let Mr. Roberts finish, please. He wrote this whole long thing and it’s his right to make everyone listen to the very end if they don’t want to get smacked by the Roberts Twist.

That’s a particularly fitting way to begin this PostScript, because so far the Affordable Care Act Opinionspalooza Supreme Court Electric Mandatestravaganza explosion on our Opinions page has resulted in much gloating. It turns out everyone won the argument!

PEOPLE WHO HATE ON CNN AND/OR FOX NEWS, your gloating is located in Erik Wemple’s blog post about how they screwed up:

Jabber3 wins:

It took me exactly three minutes to read those parts of the ruling that confirmed and justify the individual mandate was being upheld under the federal government’s authority to tax. What is with these reporters some who are lawyers who have a problem deciphering a straight forward document and parsing the complexities of the language. Major disappointment in the news reporting. If they can’t get this right what else are they misreporting?

Buddydog wins:

It was quite funny today - you could literally tell how far the news analyst had read through the decision by what they posted. The original “struck down” headline meant they had read pages one and two, and then the “correction” headline meant they had gotten to page three. So breathlessly eager to be the first to scoop.

Television news needs to rename itself. It’s forgotten what being a “news” organization means.

PEOPLE WHO WANT OBAMA TO LOOK LIKE A WEASEL found themselves in Stephen Stromberg’s post on avoiding policy hell:

woocane seems to feel the court was playing right into his deconstructionist hands:

The President promised he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year. When pressed by many journalists on whether the mandate was a tax, he swore up and down it was not. The law specifically says it was a penalty not a tax, because it would be much harder to pass a tax.

Yet when defending the law, the President said it was a tax. I know winning is all that matters to most, but, without name-calling, without resorting to “the other side are liars too” argument, does anyone out there in favor of the ACA have any qualms that such tactics were used by the President?


nclover29 wins:

“Obamatax” has a nice campaign ring to it. Romney got a HUGE campaign boost today.

willingone wins:

Remember what FORMED the Tea party and brought Obama a crushing defeat in 2010? It was ACA.

Thanks lefties. we’re back in business.

PEOPLE WHO LURVE OBAMACARE can ALSO gloat in Jennifer Rubin’s Right Turn blog:

tkoho wins:

The SCOTUS decision is a major victory for Americans. Our nation will finally being to move forward and more legitimately defend our claim as the greatest nation in human history.

mitt1968 wins, forever:

This is not only the end of the tea party — it may well prove to be the final nail in the coffin of Reaganism.

Our long national nightmare may indeed be over.

Democracy! Everyone wins!

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